Microwestern Array Core Facility

Welcome and thanks for visiting the Microwestern Array Core Facility (MWAC) site.  MWAC harnesses the scalability and precision of newly developed MWA technology and is designed to provide a versatile protein research platform for investigators. 

The MWA method is designed to provide similar information as traditional western blots but, because of the greatly reduced sample and antibody requirements, the approach allows for the targeted investigation of 10s to 1000s of pre-selected protein targets from 10s to 100s of biological samples (i.e. cultured cells and tissues). 

Current and past studies on the MWA platform comprise diverse fields including cancer biology, cardiology, and immunology.  Moreover, successfully run sample types have included human and mouse cell lines, human tissue, mouse tissue, and whole drosophila lysates.

An illustration of MWA data. Information about 96 different protein targets in 6 samples was obtained in a single MWA experiment. Zoom views at left detail the changes in protein post-translational modification that occur during a time course of growth factor stimulation.

Contact Information

Please direct questions and comments concerning the MWAC to Lyda Mimi Brown, Research Technologist of the facility at lbrown@bsd.uchicago.edu

Microwestern Array Core Facility (MWAC)
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