Fee Structure

1. Prospective client meeting.
Due to the diversity of project data production (in scope and quantity) that can be supported by the MWA approach, prospective clients are encouraged to complete a MWAC Project Survey. The MWAC Scientific Director and clients will then discuss the potential project to determine feasibility, logistics and timelines.

2. Pre-MWA quality control measures.
Prior to officially submitting samples for the MWA assay, prospective clients are strongly urged to perform western blots on their samples using the MWAC protocols. This is highly recommended for clients that wish to provide their own antibodies for analysis.

3. Project documentation.
After the appropriate prerequisites are met, the Scientific Director will provide a cost estimate and a Statement of Work to the client. This estimate will take into account the following actors:

  • The number and amount of antibodies used in the project
  • The number of blots required for the project
  • Analysis: The MWAC Facility will provide clients with image files suitable for quantification and information about sample and antibody location to enable client analysis; MWAC Facility personnel can perform image quantification and data processing by request for a predetermined fee
  • Other project consultation: preparatory laboratory work (e.g. sample preparation) or detailed experimental design can be performed at request for a predetermined fee

Please contact Lyda Mimi Brown, Research Technologist of the facility at lbrown@bsd.uchicago.edu for current rates for services.

Contact Information

Please direct questions and comments concerning the MWAC to Lyda Mimi Brown, Research Technologist of the facility at lbrown@bsd.uchicago.edu

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