Facility & Equipment

The MWAC Facility is housed on the tenth floor of the Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery. Because of the unique printing requirements of our high-throughput methodology, our protein microarrayer is operated in a newly constructed ISO 6 certified class 1000 clean room. Separate laboratory space is utilized for sample preparation, gel fabrication, MWA scanning, and analytical procedures.

GeSiMNanoplotter Microarrayer

GeSim Nanoplotter Microarrayer
The Nanoplotter 2.1/E is a non-contact microarraying device that employs piezoelectrically driven silica and graphite based tips to ensure a high degree of precision and reproducibility between spotted MWA sample replicates. The array deck and sample plate can be cooled and humidified by separate components for additional environmental control.

LICOR Odyssey Imager
LICOR Odyssey Imager
The LICOR Odyssey scanning platform offers infrared signal readout at 680 and 800 nm. Secondary antibodies conjugated to dyes that emit at these wavelengths are used to enable quantification of MWA blot features via Odyssey imaging software or other imaging software packages.

Contact Information

Please direct questions and comments concerning the MWAC to Lyda Mimi Brown, Research Technologist of the facility at lbrown@bsd.uchicago.edu

Microwestern Array Core Facility (MWAC)
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