The following screening resources are available to GEC users:

• High-Throughput GFP Tagging — Recombineering permits the high-throughput production of translational fusions (GFP, YFP, etc.). ChIP-Chip, ChIP-seq, or in situ hybridization experiments can then be performed using anti-GFP antibodies. The tag is selectable in bacteria and in eukaryotic cell lines. Expression pattern of GFP tagged proteins usually recapitulates the in situ pattern of the native protein. We routinely perform this function for the modENCODE and ENCODE consortia.

Custom BAC Modifications — Recombineering is not limited to adding sequences that can be selected in bacteria.  Instead, we can introduce a counter-selection cassette (CSC). By alternately selecting for and against the cassette, we can achieve:
       o Insertions
       o Deletions
       o Substitutions
       o Fusions
Some of the modifications we have performed for investigators include deleting miRNA binding sites, mutating dimerization domains, and deleting putative regulatory regions.

• Molecular Cloning  — We have extensive molecular cloning expertise and can combine in vitro gene synthesis with cloning methods such as Gibson Assembly to create virtually any construct you can design in silico. Investigators have found outsourcing their molecular biology to be time- and cost-efficient.

• CRISPR  — This powerful new genome editing technology permits modification of the endogenous locus in human cell lines, flies, and other model organisms. Please contact us for details.

Contact Information

Questions relating to the GEC services or to BAC-recombineering and CRISPR in general, should be directed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Scientific Director.


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