CSC Staff

The staff of the CSC have the express mandate to assist Chicago investigators in adapting cell-based assays for high throughput screening and to perform that screen at cost. Based on their previous experience, this team advises users on the best assay systems to fit their needs (considering factors such as assay robustness, economy, assay speed). The team then works with the user to import their assay into the facility and adapt it for high throughput screening. Finally, the CSC team and user conduct the screen, and CSC staff aid the user in primary analysis of the resulting data.

Siquan Chen, Scientific Director,

Siquan manages the CSC on a day-to-day basis.  She has worked in assay development and high-throughput siRNA and small molecule screenings for six and a half years in biopharmaceuticals before joining the CSC in 2007.

Sarah Fazal, Research Professional,

Sarah recently joined the CSC. Her prior experience was in a start-up laboratory where she gained valuable experience in molecular and cell biology techniques. She runs screening projects and also plays a role in maintaining the lab.

Contact Information

Please direct questions and comments to Siquan Chen, Ph. D., Scientific Director, CSC. 

Geoffrey Greene:
Faculty Director

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