Screening Reagents

The following screening resources are available to CSC users:

  • RNAi libraries: The CSC owns the Dharmacon siGENOME whole genome human siRNA library. This library is subdivided into subsets of human genome, human druggable, protein kinase, and GPCR which are available to be screened separately. 
  • Small molecule libraries:
    • Chem Bridge EXPRESS-Pick and DIVERSet small molecule libraries of 50,000 and 80,000 compounds respectively, that are selected for novelty, diversity, drug-like properties, and chemical structure analyses. [more info]
    • NCI Cancer Compounds — 127 compounds that are FDA approved for cancer treatment (11 compounds are overlapped with the collection in Prestwick Library).
    • NCI Mechanistic Set III is made up of 813 compounds that were chosen to represent a broad range of growth inhibition pattern in the NCI60 cell line screen, based on the GI50 activity of the compounds.
    • Analyticon NATx library contains 5,000 semi-synthetic compounds based on natural product scaffolds. It has made use of highly evolved natural products and parallel chemistry to complement and enhance other compound libraries.  The design of this library uses Lipinski and Veber rules for simpler follow-up chemistry and hit to lead optimization.
    • Microsource Spectrum library is comprised of 2320 compounds that are 60% drugs approved by worldwide approval agencies, 25% pure natural products, and 15% other bioactive components which includes non-drug enzyme inhibitors, receptor blockers, membrane active compounds, and cellular toxins.
    • Prestwick Chemical Library contains 1,280 small molecules, 100% approved drugs (FDA, EMEA and other agencies) selected by medicinal chemists and pharmacists, thus it presents the greatest possible degree of drug-likeliness. The active compounds were selected for their high chemical and pharmacological diversity as well as for their known bioavailability and safety in humans. The Prestwick Chemical Library was designed to reduce the risk of “low quality” hits, reduce the cost of the initial screening, and accelerate lead discovery. [more info]
    • Natural products library contains over 5,000 plant and marine natural product extracts.

Contact Information

Please direct questions and comments to Siquan Chen, Ph. D., Scientific Director, CSC. 

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