The CSC is housed in a 900 square foot laboratory which is designed as an adaptable space for a broad range of screening assays. The CSC includes certified Class 10,000, 1000 and 100 space in which the air is filtered to reduce the number of particles to 10,000, 1000 or 100 per cubic meter respectively. This process ensures a high degree of confidence in assays due to the vastly reduced risk of contamination in this environment.

Robotic Deck

Robotic Deck

The CSC robotic deck includes a large workstation robot for sample prep and plate design which is integrated with 3 readers and 5 liquid handlers.

Thermo Robotic Arm

Thermo F3 Robotic Arm

This is the largest robotic arm available from Thermo and is named F3 for its capability of carrying loads up to 3 kg. The arm is placed on 3 meter rail with access to end table as well 900 mm reach. It has 6 degrees of freedom with 360 degree range of motion and reliable placement of +/- 0.05 mm. POLARA software allows scheduling of multiple assays using the arm.



There are 4 readers in the CSC enabling multiple different reads within a single screen. All readers are integrated with the Thermo F3 robotic arm.


Molecular Devices Analyst GT

Molecular Devices Analyst GT

Multimode reader for absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarity and time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET). The CSC has a wide variety of filters for many common fluophores.

Molecular Devices ImageXpress

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro

Automated fluorescent microscope capable of fixed or live-cell imaging with filters for DAPI, FITC, Texas Red, GFP and TRITC. Objectives available are 4X, 10x and 20X. It is integrated with environmental control for time course experiments.

Labtech Acumen Explorer

TTP Labtech Acumen Explorer eX3

Laser-based (488nm) fluorescent microplate cytometer enables whole plate reads in just 10 minutes regardless of plate type. By combining the power of rapid whole well data collection with a CCD imager, this microplate cytometer triumphs over traditional flow cytometer for high throughput screens. It also offers high throughput, high content analysis without generating terabytes of information, making it ideal for use in hit identification and hit-to-lead optimization screens.


BioTek Synergy NEO2

Multi-mode reader for absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization and time-resolved fluorescence. It also has a new feature – Alpha detection. The Alpha technology allows for AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA which are used to measure a wide range of biological molecules and interactions in a high throughput manner without the need for washing and diluting.


Liquid Handlers

All liquid handlers except the Tecan Freedom EVO 200 are integrated with the Thermo F3 robotic arm.

Tecan Freedom EVO 100

Tecan Freedom EVO 100

Includes an arm with eight tips, each of which can move independently to construct cherry-picked plates. Capable of dispensing to 96, 384, and 1536 well plates. The low volume capabilities of this instrument also allow for the dispensing of low volumes of precious reagents without significantly decreasing speed.

Tecan Freedom EVO 200

Tecan Freedom EVO 200

This all-in-one re-array and plate replication robot includes an eight tip arm and a 384 well head for plate replication as well as a plate manipulator arm for moving plates across its large deck.

PerkinElmer EP3

PerkinElmer EP3

This is a universal pipetting platform with the unique capability that its 96 well and 384 well heads can be interchanged in thirty seconds without user intervention. This allows for rapid plate replication, whole plate transfers, and reagent additions. Its flexible gripper option allows for plate manipulation on the deck and its pipetting range is from 0.5 to 235 μl. It has a 16 position deck with some positions used for tip wash stations and tip load stations. Reagent auto-fill option is also present. Its strong interface allows for complete flexibility.

Thermo Electron MultiDrop Combis

Thermo MultiDrop Combi

Three of these instruments are integral for bulk reagent and cell dispensing. They are an excellent combination of robust design and versatility, dispensing 0.5-2500 μl to plates from 6 to 1536 wells and from heights of 5 to 50 mm. 100 μl can be dispensed into a 96 well plate in 10 seconds. They have a newly updated design with an LCD interface and are highly robust instruments with low CVs, high precision, and high throughput speeds.


BioTek ELx405

BioTek ELx405 Select UCWVS Plate Washer

This plate washer is specifically designed for cell work. The “low-flow” capability of the instrument washes cells without disturbing their adherence to plates and the ultrasonic washing helps ensure sterile manifolds. Media changes and washes would normally be a bottleneck in the process; this instrument eliminates this bottleneck. It is useful for ELISAs as well, multiple washes are done quickly and easily.

Thermo Cytomat 6001

Thermo Cytomat 6001

This incubator has a 189 plate capacity and temperature range of +10-50 °C. It is located below the robot deck to optimize deck space but within the reach of the robotic arm.


Thermo Matrix PlateMate Plus

A high-throughput automated pipetting system with both 96 and 384 well heads that is perfectly suited for plate replication and dilution plate creation.

Please direct questions and comments to Siquan Chen, Ph. D., Scientific Director, CSC. 

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