Funding Opportunities

The primary sources of grant funding for nonprofit organizations (such as the University of Chicago) include the government and private foundations. These grantors will vary greatly in terms of the specificity, subject matter, amount of funding provided, and the desired scope of submitted proposals.  To locate sources of funding, some good starting points are the many funding portals for federal government agencies and non-federal foundations.  These searchable databases will provide you with the opportunity/announcement, required materials, important deadlines and, in many cases, the forms necessary for submission.  Again, it is imperative to contact both IGSB and the University Research Administration (URA) offices to help guide you through the submission process.

Throughout the year, there may be several major grant announcements that could potentially impact the goals for the IGSB and its members.  We will list any such announcements on this webpage when they become available.  We will also be listing specific opportunities for IGSB members on the tabbed pages for faculty, postdocs and students.  However, for the most current announcement information, a portal query may provide information sooner.

To inquire about participating in or submitting for any of the announcements or opportunities listed to the right, please contact the IGSB Business Administrator, Liza Herendeen at 4-3913 or