Zifeng Jiang

Alumni, Staff,
- Previous Affiliation: Research Professional, Kevin White Laboratory
- Current Affiliation: Research Professional, Department of Pathology, The University of Chicago

Contact Information

Institute for Genomics & Systems Biology (IGSB)
900 East 57th Street KCBD 10127B
Chicago, IL 60637
The University of Chicago

Phone: (773) 834-0074
Email: zifeng(AT)uchicago.edu


I am a Research Professional working with Dr. Kevin White (The University of Chicago) and Dr. Shannon Hackett (The Field Museum).


My research mainly focuses on two challenging questions in evolutionary biology: the coevolution between host-parasites and the formation of new species. Recently, I am also interested in the application of biology, computation, and other leading-edging interdisciplinary techniques to solve our real-life problems such as the conservation of endangered organisms, pest control, and hunting for unknown human pathogens. I am currently working on several projects, including: 1) De novo assembly and annotation of whole genomes of endangered species and pests; 2) Emerging pathogens in human and animals; 3) The coevolution between host, parasite or mutualistic partners;4) Speciation, species differences, and hybrid dysfunction.

Representative research papers

1. JIANG, Z.-F., F. XIA, K. W. Johnson, E. Bartom, J. H. Tuteja, S. Rick, R. L. Grossman, M. Brumin, K. P. White, and M. Ghanim. 2012. Genome sequences of the primary endosymbiont Candidatus Portiera aleyrodidarum in the whitefly Bemisia tabaci B and Q biotypes. Journal of Bacteriology. (In press).
2. JIANG, Z.-F., D.A. Croshaw, Y. Wang, J. Hey, and C. MACHADO. Enrichment of mRNA-like non-coding RNAs in the divergence of Drosophila males. 2011. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28: 1339-1348.
3. JIANG, Z.-F., and C. MACHADO. Evolution of sex-dependent gene expression in three recently diverged species of Drosophila. 2009a. Genetics 183: 1175-1185. (Highlighted in the issue).
4. HU, H.-Y., Z.-F. JIANG, L.-M. NIU, Y. G. FU, Z. Q. PENG, and D.-W. HUANG. Different Stimuli Reduce Attraction to Pollinators in Male and Female Figs in the Dioecious Fig Ficus hispida. 2009b. Biotropica 41: 717-720.
5. JIANG, Z.-F., D. W. HUANG, C. D. ZHU, and W. Q. ZHEN. 2006a. New insights into the phylogeny of fig pollinators using Bayesian analyses. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 38: 306-315.
6. JIANG, Z.-F., D. W. HUANG, L. L. CHEN, W. Q. ZHEN, Y. G. FU, and Z. Q. PENG. 2006b. Rampant host switching and multiple female body color transitions in Philotrypesis (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Agaonidae). Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19: 1157-1166.

Research Papers