Yves Lussier

Associate Sr. Fellow,
- Visiting Professor of Medicine and Engineering, University of Illinois in Chicago
- Assistant Vice President for Health Affairs, University of Illinois in Chicago
- Director of the Bioinformatics Core Facilities

Contact Information

University of Illinois in Chicago
Department of Medicine, General Internal Medicine
8095 COMRB, MC 789

Phone: 312-355-0478
Fax: 312-996-5413
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


The Lussier Research Group conducts research in the emerging field of phenomics, using computation to model phenotypes, integrate genomic with phenotypic datasets, and analyze phenomes in order to accurately individualize the understanding, the prediction, and the treatment of diseases.

- Modeling Phenotypes for comparative biology is our first focus. We design methods to automate the processes of integration, organization, visualization and datamining of non-molecular phenotypic data and knowledge.

- Comparative Phenomics, understanding phenotypic-genotypic interactions , is the second major focus of our research group.

- Integrating Biomedical Datasets across heterogeneous and semi-structured databases is our third complementary focus.  

Research Papers