Udaysankar Chockanathan

IGSB, Alumni, Research Technician,
- Previous Affiliation: Michael Rust Lab

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The University of Chicago - IGSB
900 E. 57th St. KCBD 10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60628

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The KaiABC oscillator in cyanobacteria comprises the simplest known circadian rhythm in biology. The mechanism by which such rhythms evolved, however, is still largely unknown. Studying the fitness advantage conferred onto organisms with circadian clocks could elucidate how and why circadian rhythms became such a common feature of life.  By applying selective pressure in the form of interval lighting, I aim to determine the ability of each strain to predict future events (dawn and dusk) based on their circadian clock. I aim for this research to provide insights into both the evolutionary history of circadian rhythms, as well as the underlying biochemical mechanisms of the KaiABC oscillator.

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