Tifani W. Eshoo

- Laboratory Technician
- High Throughput Genome Analysis Core IGSB, Argonne National Laboratory

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Microarray processing is performed by technician, Tifani Eshoo. Tifani earned her B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she worked in a plant genetics lab investigating the epigenetic mechanisms that control flowering time in A. thaliana under Dr. Rick Amasino. Before joining the IGSB she worked with Dr. Michael Axtell at Pennsylvania State University where she helped devise a novel experimental method referred to as degradome sequencing, utilizing the Solexa-Illumina sequencing platform. This was the first experimental method to sequence miRNA- mediated cleavage products on a high-throughput scale, providing empirical evidence for confirmation of computationally predicted miRNA targets as well as in vivo miRNA functionality in plant species.

Research Papers