Richard Hudson

Sr. Fellow,
- Professor, Dept. of Ecology & Evolution, University of Chicago

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Department of Ecology & Evolution
The University of Chicago
Zoology Building 302A
1101 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: 773 834 2978
Fax: 773 834 2978
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My research concerns primarily the analysis and interpretation of molecular variation within and between populations. The goal is to understand the evolutionary forces that have produced the observed patterns of variation within populations and between species. My work is entirely theoretical, focusing on the stochastic processes relevant to evolution in finite populations in which genetic drift, mutation, migration and selection may all be important. Monte Carlo computer simulations and methods of statistical inference are important aspects of the work. Much of my past work has focused on Drosophila data, in the future it is likely that human variation will be a major focus.

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