Marsha Rosner

Sr. Fellow,
- Charles B. Huggins Professor & Director, Ben May Institute for Cancer Research, University of Chicago

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Ben May Institute for Cancer Research
The University of Chicago
929 East 57th Street, GCIS W421C
Chicago, IL 60637

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Cancer is characterized by loss of normal cellular growth control. Intracellular signal transduction pathways are critical to the proper interpretation and integration of growth regulatory stimuli, and intricate mechanisms have evolved for ensuring the fidelity of cell replication. Small changes that alter the magnitude of these signals can significantly impact cellular outcomes. Thus, elucidating the nature of these signaling pathways and how they are modulated is central to understanding cell cycle control and the maintenance of genomic integrity. The focus of our laboratory is to determine the critical mechanisms that regulate cell growth and differentiation in response to growth factor or oncogenic stimulation and identify key targets for therapeutic intervention.

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