Julian Solway

Sr. Fellow,
- Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics, Dept. of Medicine

Contact Information

Department of Medicine, Section of Pulmonary/Critical Care
The University of Chicago
5841 S. Maryland Av. AMB M644 (MC 6026)
Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 702-6790
Fax: (773) 702-6790
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Website: http://medicine.uchicago.edu/faculty_profile/faculty_profile.asp?empl_id=3433


Dr. Solway’s laboratory addresses molecular mechanisms underlying airway constrictor hyperresponsiveness in asthma, including:
1) Regulation of smooth muscle gene expression (with focus on SRF and GATA5);
2) Evaluation of mutations and mechanisms underlying heritable cholinergic hyperresponsiveness in a kindred of ENU-mutagenized mice;
3) Functional genetics of asthma, (consequences of genetic variations and transcriptional analysis of endobronchial biopsies);
4) Molecular mechanisms that regulate the mechanical plasticity-elasticity (taffy-like vs. rubber band-like) balance in contracted airway smooth muscle.  


Research Papers