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- Micro-Western Array Core (MWA)

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The University of Chicago

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The Micro-western Array (MWA) Core Facility is a technological initiative of the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology at the University of Chicago designed to provide a quantitative platform for studies of abundance and modification of pre-selected protein targets.  The MWA method provides similar information as traditional western blots but because of the greatly reduced sample requirements, allows for the targeted investigation of 100s to 1000s of pre-selected protein targets from 10s to 100s of biological samples.  Initially developed in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Jones, the MWA enables basic scientific research at the protein level that both complements and expands upon several currently utilized conventional and proteomic-level analytical methods.  While DNA microarrays and nucleic acid sequencing efforts provide information regarding mRNA expression and DNA mutation, the MWA offers insight regarding the level and function of proteins which are encoded by mRNA and may be subject to higher-level regulation than is readily evident from mRNA abundances or DNA sequences.  As a proof-of-concept for the method, Jones et al. used the analysis of 100 pre-selected signaling protein targets following growth factor stimulation of skin carcinoma cells.  This manuscript, which was published in Nature Methods (vol. 7 (2), pp. 148-155), demonstrates the ability of the method to provide an unprecedented level of quantitative detail regarding the dynamic modification of hundreds of proteins in cancer cells following growth factor perturbation.

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