Ivan Moskowitz

- Asst. Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Pathology, The Institute for Molecular Pediatric Sciences

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What are the molecular pathways that dictate cardiac morphogenesis?  What is the ontogeny of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), the number one birth defect world-wide?  How did the cardiovascular system evolve into a form that can support terrestrial life?  These intertwined questions are investigated in the Moskowitz laboratory.

Gene Discovery for CHD
We performed a gene discovery program using a forward genetic screen in mice to identify CHD-causing mutations (Kamp et al., 2010).  Our initial work was the first to link cilia signaling to heart development (Friedand-Little et al., 2011).  We have recently identified the CHD-causing mutations in several lines and are studying their effects on cardiac morphogenesis.

Cardiac Progenitor Specification and Cardiac Morphogenesis
Our recent work (Hoffmann et al., 2009) suggests that the molecular logic governing cardiac septation is firmly established within cardiac progenitors long before septum morphogenesis occurs.  In current studies we are identifying the genetic programs required in cardiac progenitors for septum morphogenesis.

Cardiac Conduction System
The Cardiac Conduction System (CCS) is a specialized network of cardiomyocytes responsible for coordinating the rhythmic contraction of the heart.  We have generated novel transgenic mouse lines for CCS-specific studies (Arnolds and Moskowitz, 2011).  These novel CCS-specific reagents are being used to investigate the molecular control of CCS development and adult CCS function.

Our laboratory studies basic questions in cardiac development and function.  We take biochemical, molecular, genetic, genomic and cellular approaches to these problems.  Our aims are to elucidate general principles of organ morphogenesis using the heart as a model, understand the ontogeny of Congenital Heart Disease, and contribute to our understanding of cardiac evolution. 
For more information, contact Ivan at imoskowitz@uchicago.edu.

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