Guillaume Lambert

- Michael Rust Laboratory

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The University of Chicago
KCBD 10123C
900 E 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 795-5650
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One of the most exciting developments in cell biology is the ability to study and quantify the stochastic variability of an organism’s behavior and phenotype. A fundamental question to ask is: can organisms exploit variations in gene expression, which are intrinsic to all biomolecular processes, to enhance the long-term fitness of populations as they respond to environmental perturbations? Over the next few years, I plan to use a physical approach that combines microfluidics technologies and single-cell biology to better understand the evolution and maintenance of regulatory mechanisms that anticipate fluctuating environments and test if they are beneficial, from an evolutionary point of view, to microorganisms. I particular, I am currently studying whether circadian rhythms—self-sustaining biomolecular clocks that coordinate an organism’s behavior and gene expression with the Earth’s 24 hour day—confer a significant and robust evolutionary advantage to populations of cyanobacteria as they are growing under cyclical light variations.

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