Aashish Jha

IGSB, Alumni,
- Kevin White Laboratory

Contact Information

Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery
900 East 57th Street
Chicago, IL. 60637

Phone: 773.669.6744
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


I am a PhD Student in Kevin White’s lab at the University of Chicago Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology and a Pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Chicago Center for Systems Biology of Oxygen Sensing.


My research focuses on using experimental evolution of Drosophila melanogaster followed by next generation sequencing to understand the role of natural selection in evolution of complex traits. I am currently developing computational pipelines and statistical methods to analyze pooled-sequencing data. I am currently applying the computational and statistical methods I have developed on several collaborative projects such as (a) Identification of genetic architecture of adaptation to hypoxia (in collaboration with Gabriel Haddad, UCSD), (b) Understand the role of microRNA (mir9a) in evolution of scutellar bristles (Richard Carthew, Northwestern University), (c) Characterize genetic variation in governing egg size (Martin Kreitman), (d) Describe genetic variation in European populations of Drosophila melanogaster.

Research Papers