Jack Gilbert is the Field Museum’s newest Research Associate

IGSB’s Jack Gilbert is the Field Museum’s newest Research Associate. This appointment is the latest collaboration between the Field museum and IGSB. Over the past 4 years Jack has been developing research collaborations with scientists at the Field museum to study the microbiome of Ants and Birds.

The Field Museum Bird Division continues a tradition of research and collections that dates back to the founding of the museum.  Gilbert has been sequencing the gut micromes of these collections to understand their parasites and their health. In collaboration with Field museum scientist Corrie Moreau, Jack has been using DNA to reconstruct the ant tree of life and the bacteria that live in the guts of ants to help them gain nutrients from their diets.  These collaborations highlight the integrative and collaborative nature of all of the Field Museum and IGSB scientists.

Gilbert says “I am excited about increasing our collaborative ties with the Field Museum. We have been working with them for the last 3-4 years on research into the microbiome associated with ants and birds. Having this appointment is an acknowledgment of my, and IGSB's, commitment to work with outside agencies to broaden the perspective and context of our mission to provide excellent scientific advances.” We say, congratulations! Jack.

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