IGSB Students Participate in iGEM Competition

IGSB students in Mike Rust's lab are collaborating on an International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) project about synthetic biology. IGSB team members are using standardized biological parts provided by iGEM and molecular components they have devised to engineer E.coli mutator strains that can optimize the production of a desired metabolite using a novel technique in directed evolution. The team will go to the 2014 iGEM jamboree at MIT to present their research. Participating iGEM teams from around the world will also attend and demonstrate synthetic living systems with innovative functions and capabilities.

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Jack Gilbert Heading UChicago Startup that Aims to Predict Behavior of Trillions of Microorganisms

IGSB Faculty member Jack Gilbert co-founded Gusto Global to better understand microorganisms inside humans and harness them to treat disease.

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