Hormones and Microbes Interact to Modify Autoimmune Disease Progression

IGSB/CBC Postdoctoral Fellow Aly Khan co-authored a study on a previously unknown interaction between gut bacteria and gender bias in autoimmune diseases. The study proposes a novel two-signal model, in which hormones and microbes together influence the incidence and severity of autoimmune diseases. The results were published in Cell Immunity and are highlighted in a featured article in the issue.


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Start-up founded by IGSB faculty wins $250,000 Polsky Center award

BiomeSense, a startup developing biosensors that can detect particular kinds of bacteria in patients’ feces that could help improve the efficacy of clinical trials, won the University of Chicago’s Innovation Fund finals and an investment of up to $250,000 from the college.

Massive data analysis shows what drives the spread of flu in the US

Models built with data from health claims, weather, geography and Twitter predict how the flu spreads from the south and southeastern coast

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