UChicago Awards $600,000 to Argonne-University collaborators

UChicago Awards $600,000 to Argonne-University collaborators
October 19, 2011

Eight pairs of University and Argonne National Laboratory researchers recently received $600,000, collectively, in Strategic Collaborative Initiative (SCI) seed grants from the University following a rigorous competition managed by Argonne and the University.

The FY 2012 recipients include:

Title: “Chain Conformation, Aggregation, and Miscibility in Polymer: Fullerene Blends for Photovoltaics”
University of Chicago Investigator: Luping Yu, Professor of Chemistry
Argonne Investigator: Seth Darling, Scientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials

Title: “Quantum transport in critically disordered ultrathin superconducting films: superconductivity and localization”
University of Chicago Investigator: Thomas Rosenbaum, Provost and John T. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor, James Franck Institute, Physics
Argonne Investigator: Valerii Vinokour, Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Materials Science Division

Title: “Molecular functionalization of self-assembled active metamaterials”
University of Chicago Investigator: Matthew Tirrell, Pritzker Director, Institute for Molecular Engineering
Argonne Investigator: Igor Aronson, Senior Scientist, Materials Science Division

Title: “Software for enabling ensemble parallelism with application to design of heat transfer fluids for solar thermal power applications”
University of Chicago Investigator: Aaron Dinner, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Argonne Investigator: Jeff Hammond, Assistant Computational Scientist, Leadership Computing Facility and Anatole von Lilienfeld, Assistant Computational Scientist, Leadership Computing Facility

Title: “Computationally Guided Optimization of Ion Transport in Graphite Solid Electrolyte Interphases”
University of Chicago Investigator: Gregory Voth, Principal Investigator, Chemistry
Argonne Investigator: Daniel Abraham, Material Scientist, Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Title: “Spectroscopic studies of nanocrystal assemblies linked by molecular metal chalcogenide Zintl ions”
University of Chicago Investigator: Dmitri Talapin, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Argonne Investigator: Richard Schaller, Scientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials

Title: “Structure prediction of S. aureus proteins using large-scale computational resources”
University of Chicago Investigator: Tobin Sosnick, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Institute for Biophysical Dynamics
Argonne Investigator: Michael Wilde, Software Architect, Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Title: “Very Low Pressure Desalination with Ultrathin Nanoparticle Membranes”
University of Chicago Investigator: Heinrich Jaeger, Professor, James Franck Institute, Physics
Argonne Investigators: Xiao-Min Lin, Scientist, Center for Nanoscale Materials, and Seth Snyder, Section Leader, Process Technology Research

The Strategic Collaborative Initiatives Program began in 2005 when the University renewed its contract with the DOE to manage Argonne. The SCI program includes collaborative research projects, strategic joint appointments, and joint institutes. The University extended the program to Fermilab when it became co-manager of the lab in 2006.

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