Congratulations to recent IGSB alumnus Dr. Ron Hause on winning the 2015 Cotterman Prize!

Each September, the editorial board of The American Journal of Human Genetics selects two articles published in the journal in the previous year that best represent outstanding scientific contributions to the field of human genetics.

Ron Hause has been awarded the prize for his work on protein quantitative trait loci (pQTLs) with Drs. White, Dolan and Jones while a graduate student in IGSB, via the Committee on Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology. In this study Ron Hause used micro Western array technology inveted by Dr. Jones to examine the relationship between human genetic variation and cellular protein levels. The results indicate that protein-based mechanisms might functionally buffer genetic alterations that influence mRNA expression levels and phenotypic diversity may be influenced by pQTLs independently of influences on mRNA expression.

This study has been republished in the American Journal of Human Genetics Best of 2015 edition here.

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