IGSB 3rd Annual Retreat


September 12, 2010, 4:15 pm – 5:30 pm


Marina Grand Resort
New Buffalo, MI


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Sunday, September 12
2:15pm Opening Remarks: Kevin White / Graveney Room
Session I Chair: Kevin White /  Graveney Room
2:30pm Michael Rust
Mechanism of Oscillation and Entrainment of a Three-Protein Circadian Clock
2:45pm Bob Grossman
Everything you always wanted to know about Bionimbus but were afraid to ask
3:00pm Nicolas Negre
A cis-regulatory map of the Drosophila genome
3:15pm Rebecca Spokony
Genome wide ecdysone receptor binding sites through Drosophila melangoster development
3:30pm Lijia Ma
The co-localization of 30 transcription factors and their effects on gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster
3:45pm Xiaochun Ni
Adaptive evolution of the genome-wide binding of an insulator protein
6:30pm Reception / Dinner / Rooftop Deck
Monday, September 13
8:45-9:45am / Breakfast / Brentwood Tavern
Session II Chair:  Bob Grossman / Graveney Room
9:45am Sarah O’Brien
Controls on soil carbon cycling in restored grasslands
10:00am  Jennifer Brulc
Metagenomic assessment of microbial community reestablishment following gastrointestinal tract resection
10:15am Dave Blair
A network-oriented approach to mapping expression quantitative trait nucleotides
10:30am Shi Yu
Integrating genomic data sources in biomedical knowledge discovery; a kernel based approach
10:45am Anna Divoli
Considering alternative views when modeling cancer metastasis
11:00am Break
Session III Chair:  Richard Jones / Graveney Room
11:30am Xiaoyue Wang
Systematic Functional Characterization of Cooperative Mutations in Cancer
11:45am Ruby Dhar 
Genome wide RNAi screening to elucidate estrogen signaling in breast cancer
12:00pm Jie Zhou
Bayesian Modeling of Nuclear Receptor Transcriptional Regulatory Network in MCF-7 cell
12:15pm Yuwen Liu
Transcriptional regulatory network in prostate cancer cell line
12:30pm David Vanderweele
The relationship among multifocal prostate cancer lesions
12:45pm Lunch / Ashby Room 2
Monday, September 13
Session IV Chair: Dion Antonopoulos / Graveney Room
1:45pm Subhradip Karmaker
SPOP, Kidney cancer and human ENCODE project: Updates from White Lab
2:00pm Megan McNerney
Identification of Genetic variants in acute myeloid leukemia subtypes
2:15pm Mark Ciaccio
Correlating Cell Physiological Output with Phosphorylation Kinetics of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Cancer Models tissue
2:30pm Casey Brown
Genetic identification, replication, and functional fine mapping of expression quantitative trait loci in primary human liver
2:45pm Ron Hause
Genetic variation in transcription factor protein levels
3:00pm Retreat Ends

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