2015 IGSB Annual Retreat


August 30, 2015, 2:00 pm – 12:00 pm


Marina Grand Resort
600 W Water St, New Buffalo, MI 49117
New Buffalo, MI
(269) 469-9900


IGSB Retreat, August 30th – September 1st 2015

Schedule:  All Times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Day 1 (Sunday)

Session I Experimental and Computational Technology in Model Systems of Disease

(Kevin White Chair)                                                                       Graveney A/B

2:00 pm  Opening remarks – Kevin White

2:10–2:45  Jun Huang
Research Overview

2:45-3:05  Chai Bandlamudi
Discovery of Novel recurrent fusions in breast cancer

3:05-3:25  Grace Yu
Identification of Estrogen-Responsive Cis-regulatory Elements

3:25-3:45  Jason Pitt
Investigating Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Breast Cancer using Whole Genome Sequencing

3:45-4:05  Mike Bolt
Computational and experimental validation of germline cancer risk factors

4:05- 4:30  Poster Lightning Talks (1 slide; 2 minutes each) 

6:00-7:00 pm  Poster session + reception                                      Rooftop/Hallway

7:00-9:00 pm  Dinner                                                                    Graveney A/B

Day 2 (Monday)

7:30-9:30 am  Breakfast                                                               Bentwood Tavern
Session II  Computation, Theory and Data Intensive Science

(Mike Rust Chair)                                                                        Graveney A/B

9:30-10:15  Arvind Murugan
Research Overview

10:15-10:30  Robert Grossman
Lab Overview 

10:30-10:50  Allison Heath
Building Genomic Data Commons

10:50-11:10  Ishanu Chattopadhyay
Automated Hypotheses Generation For Small-molecule Mediated Control of Gene Expression

11:10-11:30  Ryan Mork
Use Survey of Scientific Workflow Management Systems in the Big Data Cloud Computing Era

11:30-11:40  Kevin White for Barbara Stranger

11:40-12:00  Meritxell Olivia
Identification of Sex-biased Expression and Expression Quantative Trait Loci (eQTL) in innate and Adaptive Immunity

12:00-12:20  Patrick Evans
Gender Biased eQTLs

12:20 pm   Group Photo

12:30-1:45  Lunch                                                                    Ashby/Outside

Session III  Microbial Genomics and Systems Biology

(Bob Grossman Chair)                                                             Graveney A/B

1:45-2:00 pm  Jack Gilbert
Lab Overview

2:00-2:20  Melissa D’Souza
Creating a Flux Balance Models for the Biological Removal of Human Waste Products in Activated Sludge

2:20-2:40  Pamela Weisenhorn
Microbial Metabolic Modeling

2:40-3:00  Naseer Sangwan
Metagenomic Insights into the Role of Probiotics in Tolerance Acquisition Against Food Allergy

3:00-3:20  Chris Marshall
Electrosynthetic Microbiomes

3:20-3:35  Dion Antonopoulos
Lab Overview

3:35-3:55  Theodore M. Flynn
Comparing Functional and Taxonomic Diversity within Single Carbon Sources Enrichments

Free time

7:00-9:00 pm  Dinner                                                              Graveney A/B

Day 3 (Tuesday)

8:00-10:00 am  Breakfast                                                        Bentwood Tavern 
Session IV  Systems and Synthetic Biology

(Kevin Chair)                                                                          Graveney A/B 

10:00-10:20  Mike Rust
Lab Overview

10:20-10:40  Eugene Leypunskiy
The circadian clock of cyanobacteria responds to seasonal variation in day length

10:40-11:00  Jenny Lin
Screening for sequence Determinants of Clock Function using RNAseq

11:00-11:15  Ray Moellering
Lab Overview

11:15-11:35  Gihoon Lee
The activation of Keap1-Nrf2 pathway by an intrinsically reactive glycolytic metabolite-induced post-translational modification

11:35-11:55  Sean Shangguan
Synthetic DNA-binding domains targeting the signature oncogene cMYC

11:55   Closing remarks




1. Jeffrey Montgomery| Ray Moellering          

Cyclic peptides: more efficient routes and deeper screening

2. Justin Chew| Mike Rust                            

Investigating the Effects of Molecular Noise on Cyanobacterial Clock Function by Varying Kai protein Copy Number

3. Gopal Pattanayak| Mike Rust                    

Controlling the Cyanobacterial Clock by Synthetically Rewiring Metabolism

4. William Buggele| Barbara Stranger              

The Genetic Basis of Cross-Tissue Protein Expression Variability in Humans

5. Ekaterina Khramtsova| Barbara Stranger    

Characterization of Genetic Basis Underlying Sex Difference in Neuropsychiatric Diseases

6. Vineet Dhiman| Kevin White                      

Using the CRISPR/Cas9 system to target related single nucleotide variants at regulatory elements in order to assess their oncogenic potential

7. Amber Thomas| Kevin White                      

Genetic variants affect brain gene expression and risks of psychiatric disorders

8. Sam Bettis| IGSB Core                              

The Cellular Screening Center

9. Lyda Brown| IGSB Core                            

The Microwestern Array Core

10. Reena Raman IGSB Core                         

IGSB High-throughput Genome Analysis Core (HGAC) – Next-Generation Sequencing

11. David Steffen| IGSB Core                        

The Genome Engineering Core

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