TA Credit for Instruction

Teaching Assistantship (TA) Credit for Instruction in Science Museums and High Schools

As approved by the Molecular Biosciences' Committee on Teaching Assistants in 2010, graduate students have the option to teach in one regular undergraduate or graduate course at the University of Chicago, and for one quarter in a science museum or high school biology classroom.  Students interested in the museum opportunity must produce at least three interactive learning experiences. They will be prototyped with hundreds of visitors and students in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry or Field Museum genetics and human body exhibitions.  Another option is for graduate students to co-teach for a quarter in a Chicago high school biology classroom.

The ability to teach and informally communicate scientific concepts to diverse students and public audiences is an important skill to acquire.. Educating through interaction with inquiry-based content is also important. Implementing this expertise will improve understanding and support of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

At the end of the quarter, graduate students will produce a short summary report about their experience teaching in a museum or high school. TA performance feedback will also be elicited from mentors.