Systems Biology Courses

Institute core members and fellows produce systems biology courses. Lectures and class discussions emphasize the fundamentals about biological complexity. Experimental and computational approaches are reviewed to help answer basic questions about the organizational and mechanistic nature of signaling systems coupled to biological networks. There are examples presented about genetic circuits that process and integrate molecular information to control development, physiology, evolution, and disease resistance. Some lectures demonstrate how heterogeneous database analyses and dynamical modeling uncover molecular relationships among interacting components. Research studies about the common regulatory motifs used for communication among cells and the collective behaviors that they enable are discussed.

  • ISTP 30440 Systems Biology & Disease Journal Club
  • CABI 31800 Systems & Networks in Cancer Biology
  • ISTP 30441 Topics in Systems Biology, Immunology & Cancer Journal Club
  • BIOS 20236 Biological Dynamics
  • HGEN 473 Genomics & Systems Biology
  • BIOS 21346 Systems Analysis of Proteins & Post-Translational Modi?cations
  • MGCB 354 Gene Regulation
  • CABI 31800 Cancer Biology, Cancer Genomics & Systems Biology
  • BIOS 21410 Synthetic Biology & Regulation of Genes
  • BIOS 21417 Systems Biology: Molecular Regulatory Logic of Networks
  • ISTP 30441 System Biology Journal Club & Grant Writing
  • BIOS 20235 Biological Systems


Barry Aprison
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